• Margo Lewers: No Limits

Margo Lewers: No Limits



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20th century modernist artist Margo Lewers (1908-1978) refused to be constrained by the traditional roles of women as wives and mothers. While embracing the technological and social advances of a new era, she also challenged the convention of art as representation, believing that creativity required the expression of feelings and emotions.

Primarily known as an Abstract painter, Margo worked in a variety of other media that few artists would dare to tackle. In all aspects of her life 'she embraced modernism not as a style but an ideology for a new way of living.' This is represented in the holistic, integrated environment of her home at Emu Plains that has now become the Penrith Regional Art Gallery and Lewers Bequest.

First-hand, personal experiences and independent, original research by the authors of five essays bring new insights to the power and range of Margo's creativity.

Tanya Crothers, G. Harper, Darani Lewers, Virginia Mitchell, Gina Plate, C. Quinn


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