• Limited-Edition Commemorative Print - Triumphal March

Limited-Edition Commemorative Print - Triumphal March



Product Description

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of opening of the National Trust’s Norman Lindsay Gallery, master printmakers Diana Davidson and Peter Stevens of Whaling Road Press have printed an etching from one of Lindsay's drawings on Rose Lindsay’s etching press.

Triumphal March is one of the four full-page pen and ink illustrations to the Fanfrolico Press Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Jack Lindsay translated the play from the original Ancient Greek. The edition of 725 was issued in 1926, signed by the translator. The book is considered an example of the fine printing of the Press.

During the Peloponnesian War (431-404BC) between Athens and Sparta Lysistrata, an exceptional woman, persuaded the women to withhold sexual pleasures until the men stop fighting. Under such a threat peace was achieved and everyone could begin a The Triumphal March.          

The pen drawing shows the extremely delicate pen and ink Lindsay used during the 1920s. At the completion of the edition the plate will be cancelled so further prints cannot be issued.

Edition of 50 only, image size 23.3 x 18.2 cm, paper size 38 cm x 28 cm

Original print, taken from illustration in Norman Lindsay Selected Pen Drawings

copyright H. C. & A Glad

Limit one per order (unfortunately we cannot hold specific edition numbers)

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