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Product Description

Julie Janson, presents an important era in Australia's history from an Aboriginal perspective.

Benevolence is told from the perspective of Darug woman, Muraging (Mary James), born around 1813. Mary's was one of the earliest Darug generations to experience the impact of British colonisation.

At an early age Muraging is given over to the Parramatta Native School by her Darug father. From here she embarks on a journey of discovery and a search for a safe place to make her home.

The novel spans the years 1816-35 and is set around the Hawkesbury River area, the home of the Darug people, Parramatta and Sydney. The author interweaves historical events and characters — she shatters stereotypes and puts a human face to this Aboriginal perspective.

Old Government House, Weekend Manager, Deb, recently read ‘Benevolence’ and jotted down her thoughts on it

‘’Benevolence’ was a powerful read. It’s a fictional narrative based on the life of Darug woman Muraging (Mary James), set in and around Parramatta (including Old Government House) and the Hawkesbury River in the early years of the colony. It enabled me, as a non-Indigenous person, to identify deeply with Mary’s hopes and fears and the choices these lead her to make as she navigates her way between two worlds. It achieved this in a way that a non-fiction account of her life never could."

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