• Old Vintage Melbourne, 1960-1990
  • Old Vintage Melbourne, 1960-1990
  • Old Vintage Melbourne, 1960-1990

Old Vintage Melbourne, 1960-1990



Product Description

A sequel to Old Vintage Melbourne, this collection invites you again to turn back time and revisit the diverse past of the much-loved city of Melbourne.

This captivating compilation of photographs taken between 1960 and 1990 provides a fascinating glimpse of a time that is familiar and yet different, when significant changes started to affect the city and its suburbs. As classical old city buildings were demolished, and large suburban shopping centres started to change the retail experience, Melbourne embraced modernity. The skyline changed, and so did streetscapes. Under the impact of population growth and large-scale migration, the city's unique and vibrant culture that we know today started to emerge. Cafes, fashion, sport, architecture, infrastructure, technology, and even the law were all affected.

Adapted from the highly popular 'Old Vintage Melbourne' Instagram account, this collection allows us to revisit iconic sights and scenes - some as they were, and some as they still are, generations later. For many readers, it provides a chance to indulge in rare memories of growing up in our unique city.

Thanks to your support we can continue our mission to actively conserve and protect our natural, cultural, social and Indigenous heritage for future generations to enjoy.

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