• William Robinson: A New Perspective signed

William Robinson: A New Perspective signed



Product Description

Released 3 October 2018 

From best-selling author Nick Earls, William Robinson: A new perspective chronicles the life and career of renowned artist William Robinson.

The unique non-fiction novella provides a new perspective on both author and artist. From cringing over his first solo exhibition in the 1960s, to juggling family life, teaching and goat farming alongside his art practice, William Robinson's career trajectory unfolds throughout the book with Earl's knack for observational humour making each page a delight to read.

"As one of our most significant living artists, William Robinson's work has been the subject of numerous insightful essays and books by art experts," said author Nick Earls.

"With no such expertise to offer, but an eye and an ear for a story, I had a chance to do something different. It was a real privilege to sit down with the artist himself for hours of discussion that brought his story to the surface. I hope that, from that, I'll have joined a few dots that no one's joined before, and created something that gives an insight into how he became the artist he is."

The book will be released alongside a limited collector's edition of 100 hand-made box framed sets containing two newly commissioned etchings by Robinson as well as an artist- and author-signed copy of the publication.

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