• The Worlds and Work of Clarice Beckett by Dr Edith Ziegler

The Worlds and Work of Clarice Beckett by Dr Edith Ziegler



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Paperback - Re-print due late February

Clarice Beckett was one of Australia’s most important early Modernist painters, excelling in portraiture, still-life and landscape. The discovery of a trove of her artworks has led to her remarkable talent and evocative art being recognised afresh and greatly admired.

Clarice Beckett was self-effacing; she left no diaries or letters and was only occasionally mentioned in the diaries of her friends. For an insight into her enigmatic genius, Edith Ziegler focuses on Clarice’s family background, childhood; art education; philosophical, spiritual and psychological enquiries and influences; friendships and contacts. The reader is drawn into the world in which Clarice’s vision was formed and her talent developed.



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