• The Last Word (second hand book)

The Last Word (second hand book)

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Second Hand Book ( one available )

Lionel Gilbert Presents a collection of two centuries of Australian epitaphs. Lionel Gilbert intends to have the last word examining the epitaphs written on the gravestones of many cemeteries Australia-wide. 

Many of the epitaphs have been artfully constructed into meaningful stories, and we are introduced to the nature and history of epitaphs; the Australianisation of Latin; the insight into war, tragedy, violence and heroism with a wonderful chapter on lines, phrases and words which are distinctively Australian. 

There are examples of transfer from traditional English poets to common sayings in the Australian idiom. 

Many of the inscriptions he has recorded are in danger of loss through time, vandalism and fragility. Lionel provides a new perspective, knowledge and insight into what being an Australian has meant. 



Used, in good condition


Book is sold as is ( one available )

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