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Spirit of the Garden

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Gardens can be formal or wild, serene or ostentatious, native or exotic, colourful or monochrome  - according to Trisha Dixon, if we like a person, we will probably like their garden.

In a series of written reflections, interwoven with her evocative, painterly photographs, Trisha explores the relationship that exists between ourselves, our gardens and the natural landscape. Beyond the design and the plants, there is the feel of the garden, which captures the heart from the moment you enter a landscape and stays with you long after you have left.

Trisha explores how artists, thinkers and writers have acknowledged and found value in the spirit of gardens and landscapes, and how landscapes themselves are full of stories, songlines and tracks. Her message is the need to understand and respect the environment and to approach nature with humility, rather than a desire to control it.

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