• Rembrandt by Joseph-Émile Muller
  • Rembrandt by Joseph-Émile Muller

Rembrandt by Joseph-Émile Muller

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Good Condition. 134 illustrations of which 50 in color. 

Rembrandt's great achievement was his marriage of technical mastery to an immense range of expression drawn from genuine psychological insight. No other painter has left us a more vivid testimony to his personality than Rembrandt did in the self-portraits which he drew, etched, and painted throughout his life. His work from the most personal sketches to the great Biblical prints and canvases profusely illustrated here, reveals an intimate understanding of human nature. The artist's career, from the promising beginnings to the enjoyment of fame and fashionable patronage, and to the final decline into debt and ruin, is faithfully recorded in this book against the background of a private life beset by bereavement and misfortune. The author provides us with a sensitive analysis of all aspects of his art (his draughtsmanship, composition, use of colour, and chiaroscuro) and shows how such diverse influences as Classicism and the Baroque were combined into a fiercely individual style. The threads of life and art are skillfully interwoven, and a portrait emerges of a monumental personality who continually sought to reveal the pathos of man's inner life. 

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