• Regency Women's Dress Patterns

Regency Women's Dress Patterns



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Cassidy Percoco

26 patterns of gowns, petticoats, jackets and other period clothing, drawn from existing Regency garments. The distinctive style of the Regency period is a source of endless fascination for fashion academics and historians, living historians, re-enactors and costume designers for stage and screen. Author and fashion historian Cassidy Percoco has delved into little-known museum hoards to create a stunning collection of 26 garments, many with clear provenance tied to a specific location, which have never before been published and never - or very rarely - displayed. Most of the garments have an aspect in their construction that has not been previously documented, from a design for petticoat quilting to the shape of a jacket peplum. This practical guide begins with a general history of the 19th-century women's dress and a description of construction techniques used by seamstresses of the period. This is followed by 26 patterns of gowns, jackets, sleeves, stomachers, sacques and petticoats, robes and bedgowns, each with an illustration of the finished piece and an explanation of any deviations from standard construction. This must-have guide is an essential reference for anyone interested in the fashions or the history of the period, or for anyone wishing to recreate their own beautiful Regency clothing.


112 pages

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