• Kayo Yokoyama for The Norman Lindsay Gallery

Kayo Yokoyama for The Norman Lindsay Gallery



Product Description

The Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum presents a partnership with contemporary artist Kayo Yokoyama in commemoration of significant Heritage listed Coral Trees.

Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum is listed on the State Heritage Register and as such all items, movable heritage, natural and built environments are protected under this act, including the Coral Trees (Erythrina x skysail) Norman Lindsay planted. Due to the natural aging process of these trees it was noted that many of the Coral trees were in poor health. This was confirmed through an independent arborist’s report March 2015.

This report recommended that in consideration of the aesthetic and heritage value of each tree in a formal setting such as the Norman Lindsay Gallery that the trees in poor health will need to be removed and a replanting programme put in place. It was necessary for the National Trust NSW to appeal to the Heritage Office for the removal of the unstable tree sited outside of the painting studio adjacent to the 3 figure sculpture. A review is in process for the next phase of Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum’s replanting of the trees.  

To commemorate the removal of the Heritage listed Coral Trees Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum commissioned renowned Blue Mountains artist Kayo Yokoyama to create a series of artworks featuring Norman Lindsay’s Coral trees.

Thanks to your support we are able to protect special places for ever, for everyone.

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