• Hans Heysen: Into the light

Hans Heysen: Into the light

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Hans Heysen: Into the Light is the fourth book in a series featuring artists represented in the collection of Carrick Hill, Adelaide. Hans Heysen is one of Australia's greatest landscape painters and best-known artists. His work is collected in galleries and museums throughout the world. Hans Heysen: Into the Light is a study of the artist's watercolours, an aspect of his oeuvre much loved by the general public, scholars and fellow artists. This book discusses the progress of his career through his watercolours and also explores his watercolour technique. It includes a short biography of the artist.

Curator and author Jane Hylton has written extensively on Australian art and has curated numerous exhibitions. In 2000 she left the position of Curator of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia to become a freelance consultant.

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