• Great Properties of Country Victoria Revised Edition

Great Properties of Country Victoria Revised Edition

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A new, updated edition of this bestselling title featuring stunning photography of the great mansions of the Western District

The Western District of Victoria. Even the name conjures up establishment families, history and grandeur. Extending from the Grampians region in the south-west of the state to Geelong in the east, and stretching as far north as Ararat, The Western District some of the most productive land in Australia and some of its most renowned homesteads and gardens. In this revised edition of Richard Allen and Kimbal Baker's fascinating and beautiful book, we are taken into the private world of twenty of these most notable properties. Through their early histories we follow their fortunes and see the splendour of these great homes. It is a tribute to the past, when elaborate mansions and grand gardens were established, and to the present, with owners who have so lovingly preserved their properties' architectural heritage.
The new edition of this bestselling title brings the history of the estates up to date, including five fully revised chapters, with new photography scattered throughout.

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