• Great Houses of Italy

Great Houses of Italy



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It has often been said that 'the ambition of every Italian nobleman was to give to posterity his name, his magnificence, and his taste'. Perhaps this explains the multitude of majestic palaces which border the host dusty roads of Italian towns and the scattered villas in the country where the tone, trees and fountains unite to recreate the landscape in a myriad of untold beauties. 

This magnificent tour of the forty finest palaces of Piedmont, Veneto, Lombardy, Tuscany,  Emilia, Romagna, Umbria, Latium, and Sicily, whose interiors were decorated by the greatest painters of all time, the history of families who built the most splendid edifices of the peninsula is retraced, the memory of the renowned military leaders, noblemen and princes with the love of grandeur and glory is recalled; the present is truly at one with the past. 

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