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  • Getting the Details Right
  • Getting the Details Right

Getting the Details Right



Product Description

Getting the Details Right: Restoring Australian Houses 1890s - 1920s

Working drawings with dimensions for constructing fences, gates, doors,windows, chimneys, verandahs & garages for houses of the late 19th & early 20th centuries.

This book is the result of countless hours of fieldwork a tape measure and notebook, painstakingly measuring, recording and drawing some of the most important details of old Australian houses.

The designs which it contains provide all of the dimensions and construction details necessary for restoration work on a variety of Australian housing styles in the period from the late 1890s through to the late 1920s and beyond.

There are chimneys, fences, gates, doors, windows, verandah columns and garages for federation houses, Californian bungalows and the various other styles of cottages, villas and houses of the period.

These are working drawings, ready to be put to use on site, but they are also designs of great beauty and considerable appeal. Spanning the period from art nouveau, they display all the attributes of an age when attention to detail was taken for granted.

Because most of the information which it contains was obtained from actual buildings, the book in a very real sense contains the sound, practical advice of the designers and builders of old Australian houses. It is they who created the designs which are illustrated here. It is they who tell us how to restore the buildings of the first quarter of the twentieth century.

The drawings are linked by text which provides a concise description of building restoration and conservation theory and practice. Both drawings and text are the result of the combined efforts of specialists in this field, making Getting the Details Right a most useful contribution to the growing body of literature on the architectural heritage of Australia.

Thanks to your support we can continue our mission to actively conserve and protect our natural, cultural, social and Indigenous heritage for future generations to enjoy.

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