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Sue Williams, tells the story of how two women, who should have been bitter foes, combined their courage and wisdom to wield extraordinary power and influence behind the scenes of the fledgling colony. There was a short time in Australia's European history when two women wielded extraordinary power and influence behind the scenes of the fledgling colony.

One was Elizabeth Macquarie, the wife of the new governor Lachlan Macquarie, nudging him towards social reform and magnificent buildings and town planning. The other was Elizabeth Macarthur, credited with creating Australia's wool industry and married to John Macarthur, a dangerous enemy of the establishment.

These women came from strikingly different backgrounds with husbands who held sharply conflicting views. They should have been bitter foes. Elizabeth & Elizabeth is about two courageous women thrown together in impossible times.

Borne out of an overriding admiration for the women of early colonial Australian history, Sue Williams has written a novel of enduring fascination.

Our volunteers have spent some time jotting down their thoughts on the books they’ve recently read. Here's Janina's thoughts on ‘Elizabeth & Elizabeth’:
"This book is a fascinating account of the lives and the close personal friendship of Elizabeth Macquarie and Elizabeth Macarthur. Based around real historical events and documents, the author Sue Williams gives the reader an amazing view of early NSW through the eyes of two strong women who contributed so much to the building of the emerging colony. I love the way Sue Williams manages to bring the colony to the life. It’s easy to picture yourself in the period as people adjusted to life in a new and distant country far from their friends and family."

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