• Duccio by Andrea Weber
  • Duccio by Andrea Weber

Duccio by Andrea Weber



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Hardcover. Good condition.


In the early fourteenth century, Duccio inaugurated the golden age of Sienese painting. Even Florence, Siena's great rival, which boasted the illustrious Giotto, had difficulty retaining its pre-eminence. Whilst remaining a faithful interpreter of Greco-Byzantine tradition, Duccio was able to endow traditional subjects and types of figures with a new sensibility. His delicate colours and the gently undulating lines of his monumental pictorial motifs astonished and profoundly impressed his contemporaries. Despite all the evidence of formalism and archaic touches, his works clearly embody the first signs of the culture which, by the end of the century, was to engulf all Europe in the international Gothic style 

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