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  • Botanic Flower Press
  • Botanic Flower Press

Botanic Flower Press



Product Description

If you ever wanted beautiful flowers that would last forever, try pressing flowers. Fresh flowers can be kept for years using this method. The colour can change, ranging from faded colours to a greater intensity of vibrant colors.

Pressed flowers have long been used as decorative additions in many forms, from cards to framed art pieces on their own.

Flower Press features:

  • Adjustable carry strap
  • Botanical booklet
  • Flower press is approximately 18cm x 18cm x 5cm.
  • Includes over 10 press backing boards (cardboard)
  • Includes over 20 sheets of blotching paper (each sheet 15 cm x 15 cm)

Some tips on flower pressing:

  1. Choosing flowers to press
    • Pick the flowers either in bud or as soon as they open. This is when the color is best. Choose blossoms and petals that haven't been bruised, torn, damaged by insects, or wilted.
    • Flowers with naturally flat faces (eg. pansies or violets) are easier to press than flowers a more 3-dimensional shape like orchids or lilies. You can take a flower apart to press, and then re-assemble it later.
  2. Pick the flowers at the right time of day
    • Flowers that are still wet with dew or rain will be more prone to molding in your press. Flowers picked in the hot summer afternoon sun will be more prone to fading.
  3. Arrange flowers on the piece of blotching paper.
    • Lay the flowers flat on the top sheet of blotching paper, leaving ample space between them so they are able to thoroughly dry.
    • Play with the arrangement of the petals according to your artistic sense - lay them flat, or overlap some.
    • The flowers will be preserved just as you position them.

Recommend for ages: 5+ years

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