• Australia's National Trusts Historic Houses - Reprint

Australia's National Trusts Historic Houses - Reprint



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When European immigrants settled in Australia they built houses in styles remembered from their homeland, and in varying degrees tempered them with practical and artistic adaptations to suit their new environment. Gradually styles developed which were characteristically Australian. Stylistically the houses range from the simple Jolimont in Melbourne, through houses of Georgian tradition to Gothic houses, such as Vaucluse in Sydney, and mansions of the Victorian land boom. As well as houses of distinctive European lineage the coverage includes early examples of styles now regarded as traditionally Australia, such as Ralahyne, a fine instance of the Queensland development of a house on stilts surrounded by a splendid verandah. Then there are houses unique in themselves, for example the elaborate mansion of Illawarra in Melbourne, built in the last frenzied years of the land boom.

In addition to the better-known buildings many lesser-known buildings are portrayed: among them the civic buildings of gold-mining and outback centres; an inland telegraph post; a Queensland railway station; a lighthouse and port complex and the early convict settlements at Norfolk Island and at Port Arthur. 

The hopes and ideals of some of Australia's leading families were expressed in these houses and this volume is a valuable contribution to the architectural story of Australia's houses, and fives a glimpse of the life within. 

Thanks to your support we can continue our mission to actively conserve and protect our natural, cultural, social and Indigenous heritage for future generations to enjoy.

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