• Art & Australia Vol. 44 No. 1 2006 Spring

Art & Australia Vol. 44 No. 1 2006 Spring



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This issue of Art & Australia contains features on Jirrawun Arts, Geoff Kleem, Dorrit Black's vision, Ken Tyler, and Rosalie Gascoigne's garden. With particular attention to contemporary events and festivals, this issue explores the Australian artistic landscape. 


The Kandy-Koloured Tangerine flake: The 2006 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art - Wendy Walker

A Melancholy spectacle: Visual Art at the 2006 Commonwealth Games - Daniel Palmer

TarraWarra Museum of Art: A private vision made public- Sarah Thomas

I shop therefore I am: The opening exhibition of the Palazzo Grassi, Venice - Rachel Spence

Day for Night: The 2006 Whitney Biennial - Charlotte Day

Grins to silent screams: The influence of photo booths - Luis Nowra

Jirrawun: A unique model for Aboriginal art - Jeremy Eccles

The dream world of images: Geoff Kleem - Anthony Gardner

A wider vision: Dorrit Black's Modern Art Centre - Sarah Thomas

The gentle art of collaboration - Ken Tyler interviewed by Sasha Grishin

In the garden: Rosalie Gascoigne - Genevieve Jacobs

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