• Art & Australia Vol. 39 No. 1 Autumn 2001

Art & Australia Vol. 39 No. 1 Autumn 2001

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Women predominate in this issue. Not only do five of the six main essays feature women artists, but the Art Market section includes an article on the Sir James and Ladt Sheila Cruthers Collection. The editorial notes conclude with the comment; "Art and Australia has a long and significant tradition of supporting Australian women artists. How disappointing that in 2001 this can still seem a radical stance."


Federation: Australian Art and Society 1901-2001

NATSIAA - The Top End's thriving art award

The Olympic Co-ordination Authority Public Art Program

Art>Music: Rock, Pop, Techno

Illusion as metaphor - The art of Marion Borgelt

Kendal Murray - 'Who's that hanging off your arm?'

Misanthropology - The art of Adma Rish

Virginia Cuppaidge

Island Paradise - Identity and community in the art of Ellen José

Portia and her prize

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