• Art & Australia Vol. 29 No. 2 Summer 1991

Art & Australia Vol. 29 No. 2 Summer 1991



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This Museum of Contemporary Art special issue of Art & Australia explores contemporary art in the Australian landscape. Particular attention is paid to post-modernism and private and public collection development emphasizing contemporary art. 


All the Fun of the Fair: Australia at Chicago - Catriona Moore

Metamorphosis in Progress: Elwyn Lynn Retrospective - Col Jordan

'Freedom of Choice' - Post-modernism in Melbourne - Mark Pennings

'Bright and Brushy' - Contemporary Australian Painting - Timothy Morrell

Salute to Alan McCulloch - Lou Klepac

Engaging the Present on an Historic Site The Museum of Contemporary Art - Leon Paroissien

John Power: A Private Iconography - Donna Lee Brien

Interaction and Transformation Andrew Andersons Interviewed - Dinah Dysart

Romance of the New - The Elwyn Lynn Years - Joanna Mendelssohn

The Power Collection: Development in the 1980s - Bernice Murphy

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