• Art & Australia Vol. 27 No. 2 Summer 1989

Art & Australia Vol. 27 No. 2 Summer 1989



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This issue of Art and Australia thoroughly investigates the history and necessity of Australian art. Leon Paroissien, David McNeill, and Chris Parvey explore all aspects of the Australian artistic landscape, both celebration, and critique of an integral component of Australian culture. 


A Queensland Song - Nancy D.H. Underhill

From Rococo to Revolution - David Jaffé

A Recently Identified Thomas Bock Etching- G.T. Stilwell

Melbourne Report - Juliana Engberg

By Looking at Perspectia - Edward Colless

Three Venezuelans in Two Dimension Ted Snell

The Australian Exhibition - Anna Bock

Reworking Australian Art History - Leon Paroissien

The Necessity of Australian Art - David McNeill

James Stewart MacDonald, Sir Sydney Cockerell and the Felton Recommendation - Michael Watson

The Australian Academy of Art - Chris Parvey 

Wild Nights and Savage Festivities: White view of corroborees - Candice Bruce & Anita Callaway

'Wallflowers' to 'Tall Poppies': The Sydney Society of Women Painters - Angela Philp

A Condition of Suspended Confusion - Chris McAuliffe

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