• Art & Australia Vol. 26 No. 3 Autumn 1989

Art & Australia Vol. 26 No. 3 Autumn 1989

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The cover of this issue of Art and Australia features Male Figure by artist Declan Apuatimi, which introduces the theme of art propelling identity. Early Australian art and its contribution to the formation of collective Australian identity are explored by Paul Carter, Elizabeth Imashev, Helen Topliss, and Mudrooroo Narogin. 


Sidelong Glanes - Paul Carter

Terra Australis and The Artist and the Patron - Elizabeth Imashev

The Great Australian Art Exhibition or Creating Australia - Helen Topliss

It's a Big One Isn't It? - Mudrooroo Narogin

A Study in Genius - Alison Carroll

Jacob Janssen in Sydney - Candice Bruce

Performance Art in the 1970s - Anne Marsh

A Profile of Anne Dangar - Helen Maxwell

Leonard Crawford - Jenny Zimmer

Religious Images of the Heidelberg School - Juliet Peers

Art and Industry - Alex Selenitsch

Selenitsch's Invisibles - Paul Carter

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