• A Potter's Pilgrimage

A Potter's Pilgrimage



Product Description

Milton Moon's pilgrimage has taken him from beginnings at a small pottery in Brisbane across the world in search of creative influence and innovative technique. His work has reinvented the ceramic arts in Australia, and inspired generations of potters.

'Nothing in art is more profound than a pot ... and no potter is more profound than Milton Moon. Milton is as marvellous with words as he is with clay.' - Phillip Adams, AO

'For almost sixty years Milton Moon has been making and exhibiting pots inspired by the ancient Japanese ceramic tradition and the ancient Australian landscape. A Potter’s Pilgrimage throws new light on the career of this eminent Australian potter, a master of his craft, who has been an inspiration for Australian potters for over two generations.' - Ron Radford, AM, Director, National Gallery of Australia

'It is rare to read such a detailed first-hand account of someone’s life and work. Milton Moon’s memory of his long career of working in ceramics is remarkable; his writing engaging and objective. This is a fascinating insight into the development of Moon’s ideas and inspiration as well as his innovations and achievements. It is also an important record of his memories of influential people and places, of changes in education and the art world and the evolution of ceramics technologies.' - Grace Cochrane, writer and curator, Sydney

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