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Product Description

Dogs in Australian Art looks at Australian art through the lens of dog painting, showcasing over 150 masterworks that illustrate the deep bond between Australians and their best friends. Steven Miller's whimsical text argues that all the major shifts which occurred in Australia art, and which have traditionally been attributed to the environment or historical factors, really occurred because of dogs. His book is also a study of how the various dog breeds have been depicted from colonial times until the present. It features over 80 dog breeds.

This fully revised and expanded edition of Steven Miller's beautiful bestselling doggie book features many new paintings. A rich journey through Australia's art history via the lens of man's best friend.

Praise for Dogs in Australian Art
'Tail-waggingly approachable!' - Ian Warden, Canberra Times

'Poignant, humorous and, most importantly, features beautiful artwork.' - ABC Books and Arts

'A delightful book.' - Sun-Herald

'Dogs in Australian Art is one of those books that is a work of art in itself; a beautiful collection of art that you will want to leave on the coffee table ... 4 out of 5 stars.' - Roz Bellamy, ArtsHub

Steven Miller is head of the Research Library and Archive of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. He has published widely on art, with his book on Australian culture between the two world wars (Degenerates and Perverts) winning the NSW Premier's Australian History Award in 2006. He lives in Sydney and is the proud owner of Finbar, a Welsh Terrier.

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