Posted: Sep 18 2023

Handcrafted ceramic cups and coasters featuring silk-screen printed architectural drawings of Everglades House & Gardens, Old Government House and Retford Park, landmark National Trust locations in NSW, Australia.

Each piece is created completely by hand by ceramic artist Ali Sobel-Read. Ali screen-prints the drawing directly onto the clay before forming the piece.

Made in Newcastle (NSW), food-safe. Handwashing is preferable.

A few words from the artist:

It was an honour to create these ceramic works that celebrate and preserve several beautiful National Trust properties. I utilised original architectural drawings so each piece would evoke authentic memories of the place and serve to connect visitors with historic locations.  Every piece was completely handcrafted in my studio in Newcastle, NSW. I rolled each clay slab with a rolling pin and silk-screen printed each image before transforming the clay into the cup or coaster you see today. Enjoy!

The limited edition cups are available only at Everglades House & Gardens and Retford Park. Coasters can also be ordered online: 


About the artist:

Ali Sobel-Read is an American-Australian ceramic artist shaped by global sites and nuances. Her latest work, photo silk-screen prints on clay, reflects the landscape of her adopted home in Newcastle, Australia.

Newcastle Baths Collection

Ceramics has been an integral part of my life for over fifteen years.  While my tools and methods of expression have changed over time, my passion for the art form has remained constant.

I am a placemaker and use images and texture to create connections with the surrounding environment.  My pieces link people together with place, memories, experience and joy.  I am continually inspired by the environment around me.  My desire to translate this inspiration into my artwork led me to the discovery of silk-screen printed photography.  Photographing the world in my travels, both locally and abroad, has allowed me to integrate my perspective on the exterior world with the creations I make in my studio. Incorporating the two has enabled me to create work that inspires and invites conversation.

My work, consistently geometric and contemporary in nature, spans the spectrum from jewellery to installed architectural tiles. I welcome commissions and view them as a means to collaborate and share ideas — a way to help others translate their dreams into viable and functional objects of use.

I use a range of clays – from low-fired earthenware to mid-range stoneware – to suit my various projects.  I utilise a variety of washes, underglazes and glazes to enhance my relief and screen printed work further – whether it’s on an elegant vase or a whimsical tile.

This is the art that creates conversation.

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